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CES 2015: les grandes tendances

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SUMMARY_ Just two words dominated CES 2015; “smart” and “connected,” and despite 20,000 products on display, these two terms united almost everything. This is the proof that “the internet of everything” is coming, a new ecosystem around us where digital becomes the connective tissue of everything. Sensors record and share what’s happening, devices respond intelligently, our world becomes a smarter, adaptive environment around us. When things get smarter, when data becomes more abundant and intimate, and where decisions are outsourced to algorithms, what impact does this have on marketing? When big data becomes intimate data, what happens? The internet of things is currently about possibilities, but how do we focus on the opportunities? To find out more about the threats and opportunities at CES in 8 separate themes, read on.


En savoir plus: and new ideas from CES 2015.